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Already in middle school, I came up with interesting hairstyles and cuts for my friends, and it was from them that I got the inspiration to go study to become a hairdresser.


Since graduating from hairdressing school, my work and free time have been conjoined – I have been working as a hairdresser for 35 years, as an internship-supervisor for hairdressers for 24 years and as a hairdressers' teacher at TTHK for 10 years. In addition to my hairdressing job, I graduated from Tallinn University in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in vocational pedagogy and in 2013 with a master's degree in educational management.


In order to achieve good working results and to inspire, the most important thing, in my opinion, is a good and healthy work environment – the location of the workplace, the interior, music and lovely coworkers who always support each other in everything.


I follow all the channels where famous hair artists from all over the world publish their work with keen interest – I find that there is always something to learn or to get inspired by from everyone.

My great role model in the hairdressing world is Vidal Sassoon. I have also been to the Sassoon Academy in London to improve myself, which was for the reason to offer Estonian hairdressers many different solutions and techniques for hair cutting through my workshops. Together with a dear colleague and like-minded person, we started our own training company Kaja Seppel Koolitused in 2018. In cooperation with the Hairdressers' Association and Wella Professionals, we organize haircut and colouristics workshops for Estonian hairdressers.


I think that becoming a good hairdresser is not something that could be achieved immediately, but over time, because working as a hairdresser requires constant self-improvement, learning new things and keeping up with the latest fashion trends, as well as empathy and the ability to communicate!

I learned the profession of hairdressing under Kaja Seppel. To date, I have been working as a hairdresser for 6 years and during this time I have completed many professional workshops and courses.


In the summer of 2017, I had the opportunity to improve my professional skills at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London – I think that time played a big role in the development of my professional style as a hairdresser.


A year later, my colleague and teacher and I started our first venture, Kaja Seppel Koolitused, and now for the third year we are organizing training courses on cutting techniques and colouristics for Estonian hairdressers. In order to develop our courses, the idea of creating our very own studio was born, which would bring together a beauty studio, with all the beauty services, a training studio with everything necessary, a photo studio, so that everyone could nicely take beautiful pictures of their work and much more.




In my work, I enjoy various challenges and think that one of my strengths is to come up with and execute exciting hair colour solutions. I also really like to make different haircuts.


My biggest wish is to help people find their own style through my skills and enjoy with pride and to be happy for themselves! In addition to work, I also try to find time to pursue my favorite hobby – making music. I have participated in several music projects, including the Estonian Song Contest, and I enjoy performing, being on stage and making people happy with my music!

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My story of becoming a hairdresser does not begin with the fascinating story of how, as a tiny lil' miss, I already dreamed of this profession. Instead, my story begins with the fact that I wanted to learn a profession, and going to study to be a hairdresser seemed the most logical, because my mother constantly dyed my hair, and my girl-friends always had plaits.


At school, it turned out that I have chosen the most correct speciality for myself. The more I learned, the more it began to appeal to me. In addition to studying, I also went to several professional competitions, which also turned out quite successful.


Since 2018, I am officially a hairdresser. I still love my job very much. It's an exciting world for me, where you can constantly evolve and learn new things.


The reason I love my job is not only that you can be creative and never get bored, but there is nothing nicer than seeing a confident and cheerful client standing up from your chair who will be grateful to you for their new hairstyle.



Already when I was little, I liked to do different hairstyles and plaits.


My interest in the world of hairdressing prompted me to go to Tallinn Industrial Education Center in 2021 to study the field.


What I like about my job is that I can create something with my own hands. The best feeling is when the client is satisfied with the work and leaves the chair with a smile on their face.









Changing the world has always been my big dream, and it's best done at the individual level. This was the big push why I started my studies as a hairdresser at the Tallinn Industrial Education Center after finishing high school. If one day I can already make one person feel good and give a boost to their confidence, then the world is already a little better!


There is still a lot to learn, but after a long desire to get a HairEd internship, I am in a place where the eyes twinkle every moment, and even on the bleakest days, I can be seen with a smile. Thanks to all this, I have also had the opportunity to handle curly hair, which otherwise seemed so distant and something to achieve in the far future.


As Celine Dion has said, "To follow dreams is to follow the call of our hearts. I don't think you can be wrong if you follow your heart."



Creativity, uniqueness, innovation and a can-do mentality are the keywords that characterize me and what I do.


I really enjoy developing myself and constantly learning something new.


The hairdressing profession assumes the aforementioned qualities, which is why I feel that the path I am on now is just so right!







I first became interested in the hairdressing profession in 2018, but at that time it was still only at the level of an idea. Last year, the thought came back again and I couldn't let it go a second time.


And if you really want something, you will get it - this autumn I had the unique opportunity to study to be a hairdresser at HairEd Studio under the guidance of the senior master / stylist Kaja.

As a beautician, I have been working for over 20 years. Long-term experience in the field of cosmetics, has led me to a certain balance, where I use both medical cosmetics and natural cosmetics in my treatments.​


At the beginning of my professional career, I worked as a medical nurse and a procedural nurse in a polyclinic, as well as as a hospital nurse in Finland. I find that while working as a medical nurse, I gained a lot of necessary knowledge and experience that can also be used when working as a beautician.


I have been a long-time beautician with Decleor products and have cooperated with Vestige Verdant's team, the flagship of Estonian cosmetics, as a trainer and sales representative. My current great interest is in the special treatments of the French cosmetics series Filorga Glycopeel.


As a beautician, I see that each client has a separate uniqueness and has different needs in how to take care of their skin, so I design a facial care plan for each person accordingly.




The special feeling of well-being after the care sessions and the right care plan, make your skin brighter and younger!




I first encountered beauty industry work completely by accident during high school, when the opportunity arose to test crazy make-up for models at a school fashion show. From that moment on, I was completely enchanted by the fascinating world of beauty.


In the following years, alongside my studies in art at university, I was engaged in acquiring and developing knowledge of make-up and working as a freelance SFX make-up artist.


Very soon, after graduating from university, I started my studies in Tartu at the International Private School of Beauty Medicine in the field of cosmetology.


By now, I have also undergone nail and eyelash technician training.


I'm immensely motivated by direct feedback from clients and enjoy my work to the fullest. It's an insanely good feeling to be able to instill confidence in people and help them highlight their best in their appearance..



Since I was little, I have enjoyed drawing and work that requires precise hands, which is why I went to study at Viimsi Art School, where I got all the necessary basic knowledge.


After high school, the decision to further my study was not at all difficult for me, because due to my previous art school background, I knew that I wanted to go learn something that would further develop these skills.


Grimmikool (SFX make-up school) got picked, and upon graduation a very diverse and challenging world opened up to me, where I have been now working for 3 years.


I have participated in many projects, starting with Eesti Laul 2023, where my colleagues and I gave a terrifying look to the band Bedwetters and ending with the identity cabaret "Drag Show" Vol 3 directed by Jüri Nael.


Of course, there have been also a lot of different film shoots, theatrical performances and other exciting things in between.


I hope I will see you soon in my make-up chair at HairEd Studio! ​




You can book an appointment with Merili by writing to her at or Instagram DM.






I graduated from the International Make Up Center (IMC) Professional Makeup School and GlamEst makeup training for advanced students.


For me, creating make-up goes hand in hand with work and hobby – I really enjoy the creative process.


In my work, I always make the most of myself to make sure that the client leaves with a wide smile on their face.


For make-up, you can book an appointment with Kelly in our booking system or, if you need make-up for special events outside our business hours, write about your wishes to



I have been engaged in reflexology for almost 20 years.

I have learned, improved myself and accumulated experiences through various situations that have had to be solved as a reflexologist.


I have acquired Aromatica & Wellness Inspired By Ulla-Maija Grace aroma-beauty treatment skills, completed the Suomen Homöopatian Academia homeopathy training and participated in several Alexander technique courses.


In recent years, I have been inspired by Access Consciousness®, doing Access Bars®, Access Facelift® and other Access body process sessions and workshops. I have also successfully used all this in reflexology and aromatherapy massage sessions.


You can read more about Reflexology and Access Bars® and Access Facelift® on my website:


I look forward to seeing you relax and heal!




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